Thesken Art

Bringing LIFE to ART

 Artist Mark Thesken has been creating his unique style of LIVE PAINTINGS for over a decade.

Mark has painted live for audiences all over the country and over seas.

His art has been described as “art in motion”, “speed art” and “live painting”

You can see Mark’s art on Youtube at “Thesken Art”, on Facebook at “Thesken Art” and on his website


Mark received his BA in Design from the College of Mt. St. Joseph right here in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Fine Art in London, England.

Mark has painted for numerous charities, events and organizations including The Cincinnati Reds, NASCAR, the NFL, the US Army, the NCAA and several churches around the nation.

Mark is also part of a team that serves as missionaries to Haiti where Mark teaches art to students

Contact us to commission a piece of art or to schedule a LIVE painting for your event!

Most Recent Events

  • Hope over Heroin

  • Cheering for Charity

  • Charity paintings for the Carl Edwards foundation.

  • Painting Reds hall of fame players.

  • Painting multiple Bengals players

  • Wedding Paintings

  • Church Events

  • Paintings for local businesses